The Caravan of the Commons: documenting young commoners at work

Though produced in May 2012, this documentary following a caravan of commoners travelling through Europe, is still very much watching to see grassroots commoning at work.

Watch the video here:

“”Common Struggles” is a documentary that tells the story of the search for the meaning of Common Goods (Commons) in Central and Eastern Europe. European Alternatives (EA) — an organisation that advocates democracy and equality beyond the nation state- together with Rome’s Teatro Valle Occupato began in 2012 a transnational discussion over the meaning of the Commons beyond borders. The desire to find out more about different struggles for the re-appropriation or the protection of commons goods in former communist and socialist societies gone through years of privatization took them through Serbia, Romania and Bulgaria. This took the form of a “caravan of the common goods”, made up of different actors and other occupants of the Teatro Valle, who travelled across Central and Eastern Europe to visit cities who were participating to the Transeuropa Festival, EA’s cultural festival that took place in 14 European cities in May 2012. ”

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