ETC Group, Biofuelwatch and Heinrich Böll Foundation have released “The Big Bad Fix: The Case Against Geoengineering”. The report warns that political and economic elites in key emitting countries are turning to geoengineering as a would-be technological fix for the climate crisis, at the same time they refuse to break with an economic model based on fossil fuels and high emissions.

The “Big Bad Fix” provides NGO activists, social movements, policymakers, journalists and other change agents with a comprehensive overview of the key actors, technologies and fora relevant in the geoengineering discourse. It delivers a background analysis of the history of geoengineering, the various vested interests shaping it, and case studies on some of the most important technologies and experiments. This report calls on policymakers to strengthen the moratoria and work toward a ban on the deployment and outdoor testing of geoengineering technologies – especially Solar Radiation Management – for their potential to undermine human rights, democracy, and international peace. It argues for rigorous debate on real, existing, transformative and just climate policies and practices. It is a call to action for a movement of movements to oppose geoengineering as a technofix for climate change and as a threat to world peace, democracy and human rights.

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Photo by NotMicroButSoft (Fallen in Love with Ghizar, GB)

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