The Art of Participation exhibition in San Francisco

Via Kevin Flanagan:

There is exhibition at the San Francisco Museum Of Modern Art called ‘The Art of Participation’ which looks at the history of participatory practice in contemporary art. For a good 50 years now artists have challenged the ‘institution’ of art, blurring the boundaries between art and life, artwork and audience. In a way as these artistic practices which at one time (60’s & 70’s) where ‘radical’ and ‘antagonistic’ have become historicised there is the sense that they become part of the institution of contemporary art and in some respects this is true. But what is enduring about such work is that it continues to challenge the commodification of art and the institution of galleries and museums and often by opening these serious places to some light-hearted play and imagination.”

There is an interview with the curator Rudolf Frieling on the SFMOMA website. See part one and two.

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