The ABC of social innovation

In July, we guest-blogged for the Belgian These Days Blogs, creating a dictionary of terms related to the process of social innovation, which now increasingly takes place, ‘outside the corporate form’.

It was published in 3 parts: one, two, and three.

For more information, and more concepts, see our P2P Business section.

A useful add-on are the 10 Laws of Innovation, posted by John Thackara:

Power Law 1: Don’t think “new productâ€? – think social value.

Power Law 2: Think social value before “tech�.

Power Law 3: Enable human agency. Design people into situations, not out of them.

Power Law 4: Use, not own. Possession is old paradigm.

Power Law 5: Think P2P, not point-to-mass.

Power Law 6: Don’t think faster, think closer.

Power Law 7: Don’t start from zero. Re-mix what’s already out there.

Power Law 8: Connect the big and the small.

Power Law 9: Think whole systems (and new business models, too).

Power Law 10: Think open systems, not closed ones.

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