Temporariness, ownership, and post-material values

Quite a fascinating though capsule by Kristina Dryza in a trend report on temporariness vs. ownership:

Ownership is all about attachment, dependency and possession. The impulse to possess leads us to develop habits of being attached to both people and things. By trying to possess, by mentally holding on, we live in fear. The temporary induces detachment, while ownership sustains attachment. It’s about mentally letting go – defining a new relationship with your external objects that will set you free.

Ownership is no longer the only way to experience – you can now rent handbags, borrow jewellery, lease art and fractionally own aircrafts or vacation homes. We’re seeing the rejection of the accumulation society. We do not want to be obligated by the ‘having of things.’ A recent survey stated most Americans only use 20% of the things they own. We should enjoy objects for purposeful use . . . but not for holding on to, and letting them control us. Care for them, respect them, but don’t become too attached to them.”

Quote originally selected by this well done trend blog.

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