Teleconsciousness update: Steven Vedro’s seventh level technologies

We continue our presentation of Steven Vedro’s manuscript, linking levels of technology to levels of consciousness, using the eastern chakra system as metaphor. See previously for the sixth level concordances.

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Steven Vedro:

In eastern energy yoga, the seventh chakra is the link to the Divine. Represented by artists as the halo or aura of golden light around the world’s great saints and masters, it can be visualized as sphere of light around the physical crown of the head. It is the mirror pole to the first chakra: connecting us to the universal force of creation. In transformational terms, this is the place of Unity Consciousness, the simultaneous knowledge of Knower and Known. From this center, we see God, not as something out there, but in Meister Eckhart’s words, “God and I are one in the act of my perceiving Him.� This simultaneous awareness is also the core metaphor of our emerging technology of pervasive computing: ubiquitous, self-aware intelligent sensory bodies connected by mesh networks into “grids of sharing.�


The reflection of this “always on, always connectedâ€? relationship with the infinite is found in the Infosphere convergence of a number of fifth and sixth level technologies: (1) distributed information processing, (2) nano-technology and miniaturization, (3) peer-to-peer communications, (4) universal wireless connections, and (5) GPS-based location awareness. These are the driving forces behind what is now being called Pervasive Computing – a set of technologies that will enliven the space we move through by permeating it with myriads of ubiquitous, networked, mobile, reactive and self-referencing miniature computational devices.”

So, what kind of technology can we expect at that level:

At the seventh-level of the Infosphere, all devices know where they are, monitor their internal processes, go out on the web for information, and routinely talk to each other. Office machines call in service technicians before their owners are aware of any problems. Tiny sensors monitor soil and water conditions, alerting farmers when to irrigate and harvest. Similar devices embedded in bridges send wind, wave, and traffic data to the highway department. Prototype Coke machines adjust their prices depending on supply, and the current weather and traffic conditions, calling nearby delivery drivers for restocking. Air conditioners and furnaces are being equipped to monitor weather forecasts and updated fuel costs.

But beyond the web of communicating appliances, is the seventh-level vision of an interconnected creative culture, where each person creates and shares their personal media, across formats and across playback devices. And beyond this cultural vision is the spiritual teaching: a world where all beings are simultaneously aware of their common Source (the universal intelligence of the Grid) and their power to create their individual stories of incarnation. Fifth-level teleconsciousness struggles with the vulnerability of network interdependence: you are part of the grid, but always a bit susceptible in an environment beyond your control.


At the seventh-level, you are connected in all dimensions: on the horizontal grid of community, and with the vertical power of shared higher intention. Knowledge is respected, and with appropriate truth filters, false data is subject to higher “gating levelsâ€? before being taken at face value. The liberal enthusiasm for equipotency is moderated by each node’s “wisdom reputationâ€? – which comes from the dissemination and sharing, not the hording of knowledge.”

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