Team Human: Richard Heinberg “There’s No App For That”

Playing for Team Human today is Post Carbon Institute fellow Richard Heinberg. Richard is the co-author of Our Renewable Future and most recently, the manifesto, There’s No App For That. On today’s show Richard and Douglas challenge the idea that technological “progress” is a panacea for solving systems-level crises like climate change. Richard’s work calls on us to look at the fundamental ethical problems underlying climate issues such as overshoot, unsustainable growth, and inequality. Heinberg then challenges us to step out from hiding behind our technologies and acknowledge the deliberate moral intervention that is urgently needed if we are to foster a more resilient and more just community and ecosystem.

Check out Richard’s manifesto, There’s No App For That  at  and you can begin with this video primer, “Hello Humanity, It’s me, technology. We need to Talk”.

Read why Richard thinks Climate Change isn’t our Biggest Environmental Problem here

Learn about Post Carbon Institute and their efforts to mobilize strategies centered on “Community Resilience” :

Today’s show begins with a monologue on the Trump distraction machine recently manifested in the NFL National Anthem “controversy.”

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Image by Teddy Kelley.

 Photo by pierrepaul43

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