System Reset to Sustainable Manufacturing

Disruptive Innovation Festival – DIF: Imagine if we built an economic system built on abundance rather than scarcity. Taking advantage of the latest digital tools, computational power, material science, biomimicry and a somewhat older idea – the commons – this new system could have the power to transform how we live and work.

System Reset is a feature-length documentary which explores this story of change in our economy. Shot in London, Amsterdam and Barcelona, this film is a DIF 2018 exclusive. It features some of the leading thinkers in materials, economics, the commons movement, FabLabs, digital citizenship, urban planning and architecture. Don’t miss your opportunity to see them collectively weave a picture of how our economy could operate.

This documentary features (in order of appearance) Tomas Diez, Areti Markpoulou, Alysia Garmulewicz, Nanette Schippers, Marleen Stikker, Pieter van de Glind, Harmen van Sprang, Salvador Rueda, Kate Raworth.

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