Supporting a documentary on the next economy

Tammy Lee Mayer writes:

“We are motivated to explore and promote the stories of people that are already building tools for the next economy – and over the last few years there has been an explosion of people and organizations who are creatively meeting the challenges we face. From timebanks to digital currencies, new lending models to crowdfunding, blockchain technology to the value that people naturally create in their communities, we are deep in a paradigm shift that is changing how we experience our economy.

Check out Sensorica, a ‘next economy’ project that are just doing it. I’m super inspired by one of their projects, the ‘ipot’, which – as Jim Anastassiou says, ‘is the future of agriculture, in a pot.’ Daniel Brastaviceanu also gives an overview of a project he is passionate about, a water maker using a peltier strip to create water from ‘thin air’. These projects can be game changers in this time of climate chaos.”

See for more details here.