It’s summertime and the beggars are back to Oslo’s parade street Karl Johan. Quite many of them are coming from Romania, but there are native Norwegians as well. I’m really happy for them, as they make us uncomfortable and force us to reflect about what kind of sick economic system we have subdued our self too.

I think I was particularly lucky with this image, as we here have the contrast between the hopelessness of the woman collapsing on the street, and the rich, uncomfortable, stylish, blonde Norwegian woman looking away, trying to ignore her, but clearly not feeling well.

Converting the image to a low key monochrome filter really fit the image, taking away their faces, leaving a black gap of it, like a ghost face, as we have all become like ghosts in this country.

Many politicians want to prohibit begging, so I really encourage all street photographers to get out to the streets documenting the beggars in the Norwegian society this summer. Especially I hope you can shoot a lot of images like the one below, showing the poor and filthy beggars in contrast to Norwegian selfishness, mindless consumerism and indifference.

So fellow street photographers, get to the streets and start working! This might be the last summer we can document beggars of the Norwegian streetscape!

Beggar and Norwegian woman looking away on Karl Johan Street, Oslo. – Flickr.

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