Steven Vedro’s Digital Dharma is finally out

Digital Dharma. A User’s Guide to Expanding Consciousness in the Infosphere. Steven R. Vedro. Quest Books, 2007

Steven Vedro’s book, which we announced previously, is now out and available on the web and at bookstores. It tackles the inter-related development of personal and social development, with their enabling technologies. Vedro uses the seven-chakra metaphor to propose a “yoga of teleconsciousness”.

You will find various excerpts in his blog.

I have personally not yet read the whole book yet, but the excerpts I received from Steven were always very illuminating.

It comes highly recommended by a slew of other authors that I admire, here’s a sample of the reactions:

—Christian de Quincey, Ph.D., co-founder, The Visionary Edge; Professor of Philosophy and Conscious Studies, John F. Kennedy University; author, Radical Nature and Radical Knowing

Your work and insights are too important to go unnoticed, especially in these times when most trends in mass media are away from humanistic and spiritual values. We need visionaries like you to draw our attention to the difference between information and wisdom, and to the relationship between the digital and the divine. Bravo!

—Erik Davis, author, TechGnosis and The Visionary State

Whether you read it as metaphor or metaphysics, Digital Dharma is an ingenious and illuminating exploration of the hidden links between communications technology and the human psyches they mirror, enfold, and amplify. Steven Vedro knows his stuff, about media and about the mysteries, but he writes as a peer, not a guru. Tune in and turn on.

The publisher announcement explains that:

“There is an Infosphere, an electronic web produced by our multiple telecommunications technologies, pulsating all around us. These technologies, as many human inventions, can be viewed as a product of the creative collective mind and therefore encoded with core lessons of human evolution and transformation. Laptops, cell phones, PDAs, GPS locators, HDTV, and wireless Internet offer new ways of communicating with our inner selves and with others.

Techno-aficionado Steven Vedro says putting this newfound wisdom into spiritual practice as a collective society is our Digital Dharma, our path toward greater self-awareness and enlightenment. Practicing this path helps us recognize the impact of technology on our inner life and teaches us to overcome the challenges presented by modern media.

Vedro uses the seven chakras—the basic energy centers in the body that spiral upward along the spinal column used by many ancient yogic traditions to link our physical selves to the higher levels of consciousness and developmental stages of life—as a model for achieving Digital Dharma.

Vedro further explains that practicing this new spiritual awareness, what he also terms “Yoga of Teleconsciousness,” allows us to see both the universal light and shadow side of technology and then apply that knowledge to our communication with one another and to our own personal work of spiritual evolution and understanding.

Digital Dharma has something for everyone. It is for technology experts and yoga fanatics alike. Whether you are simply seeking the spiritual, already practice a spiritual tradition, or are a Body-Mind-Spirit reader with ambivalent feelings about your computer and cell phone, this book will guide you on the path toward a new consciousness. Similarly, media junkies, and technology “utopians” who understand at some level there is much yet to be learned from the Infosphere, will all find intriguing, useful material here.”

For more information, please contact Quest Books publicist, Emily Mullen, by telephone at
Ext. 358, via fax at , or online at [email protected].

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