Spurring local innovation through the collaborative economy

Interesting presentation by Simone Cicero, which you can find here.

Here is the introduction:

“During my speech, I first introduced the correlation between the digitization of the economy, democratization, cooperation and resilience (in a context of access to resources that will become increasingly problematic in the future) and then moved on to the topic of company transformation.

Generating a more resilient culture of entrepreneurship, striving for a “Future Proof Enterprise” (I already dealt with this in the past) the very same long term business that Fred Wilson is teaching in the Valley thanks to its “How to be in business Forever “ skillshare class: this is the innovation to look for right now.

This innovation quest, however, passes not only trough the acquisition of new learning tools, (such as lean thinking and agile practice) but also trough a more or less radical cultural change as local administrators have correctly guessed during the introduction.

I finished with three clear rules to be followed:

* enable cross-fertlizzation through physically and logically shared creative contexts (such as Coworking, Fablabs or Hackerspaces)

* focus on your own unique culture, nurture local, trustable relations and seek for local impact,in the long-term

* foster an entrepreneurial mindset and teach job creation rather than job search (“make a job”).”

See the slideshare presentation:

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