The Spanda Journal is an open access peer-reviewed journal produced on a semi-annual basis by the Spanda Foundation.

The Spanda Foundation, is “an international civil society organisation (ICSO) to catalyse sustainable long-term systemic change in consciousness, culture, education, health & environment, economics and research“.

Their last special issue on “Creativity & Collective Enlightenment”, published in December 2015, is available here. This issue features a series of articles on the topic, namely:

  • Sahlan Momo | Mesocreativity.
  • Charles Tart | Enlightenment and Creativity: Grappling with the Angel/Devil of “Non-Duality”.
  • Rosa Zubizarreta | Participatory Public Microcosm: Diversity and Empathy as Generators of Creative Wholeness.
  • Gerard J. Puccio | Democratizing Creativity: How Creative Thinking Contributes to Individual, Organizational and Societal Success.
  • Mónica Edwards-Schachter | On the Interrelationships between Creativity, Learning and Social Innovation.
  • Lousie Sunderarjan | Indigenizing Creativity: A Creative Solution to Orientalism in Cross-Cultural Psychology.
  • Stanislav Panin | Notion of Evolution and Enlightenment in the late Nineteenth and early Twentieth Century Esoteric Literature.
  • Jack Harich | Solving Difficult Large-Scale Social System Problems with Root Cause Analysis.
  • Paul von Ward | Collective and Evolving Human Consciousness.
  • Steve Mcintosh | Toward a Method of Evolving Consciousness.
  • Pierre Lévy | Innovation in Coding.

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