Some P2P Foundation Milestones

I just wanted to share with our readers some of the qualitative changes that are taking place at the P2P Foundation.

First of all, it seems clear that it is evolving from a personal project, to a collective project, from a team of collaborators that can recognize their own ideals and values in the P2P vision. Both the blog and the wiki are now collective projects, carried by different authors.

The second change is that we are moving from the virtual to the ‘physical’. I just returned from the Netherlands, where we are creating a ‘Stichting’, a legal nonprofit face for our work. The seminar tour that we discussed is part of that, of bringing the P2P meme to various physically present audiences.

In this context I’d like to share one of the reports on a lecture in Antwerp, Belgium, which is well-written and gives an idea of the impact that these ideas can have. Read it here at the These Days blog. Thanks to the author Frederic De Vries of

The seminar tour signifies a third shift as well. After four years of volunteering without income, we have a budding business model, based on sharing what we’ve learned through our research over these last few years. Judging from the success of the seminars, particulary in the Netherlands, audiences are hungry for precisely this type of meaning-making.

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