SolidFund is a (relatively) new initiative designed to support the creation and sustainability of worker cooperatives. Members pay at least £1.00 per week and the resulting funds go into a common pool – a solidarity fund – which is used to support cooperatives around the UK. The fund currently has over £74,000 at its disposal.

From their website:

“We want a strong, growing and self-reliant network of successful workers’ co-operatives.
We will achieve this by creating a permanent common fund, paid for by members.

  • You help SolidFund to strengthen worker co-operative solidarity
  • You’re a member of a common wealth resource, paid for by individual and group subscriptions
  • You support industrial democracy and collective ownership
  • You help SolidFund develop worker co-operative support activities
  • You and other members discuss and decide on the Fund’s activities and future growth”

Find out more at their website:

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