Social networking applications listed by Dave Pollard in a ‘taskonomy’

People-Connector ToolsExamplesUseful for Identifying & Finding This Kind of PeopleWhat You Can Do Now
People-FindersLinkedIn, Ryze, Orkut, Facebook1People meeting selected search criteria or having a specified affinity with youSet up a just-in-time canvassing system2
Social Network MappersInFlowPeople connected with others in an organizationRead The Hidden Power of Social Networks3
Proximity LocatersDodgeBallPeople you want to meet who are physically in your proximityUse them to enable serendipitous meetings within your company4
Affinity DetectorsNTag (not free)People with whom you have shared interests who are physically in your proximityUse them at conferences where most attendees don’t know each other5
Social Publishing & Info-Sharing ToolsExamplesUseful for Publishing & Finding This Kind of InformationWhat You Can Do Now
JournalsBlogs, PodcastsContext-rich stories, reviews, and personal articlesPilot blogs among those in the company already maintaining some sort of ‘journal’6
Social BookmarkersDel.icio.usLinks to others’ stories, reviews and articles (for those who don’t have the time or interest to write their own blog)Use to get standing notification of new articles on subjects of interest to your organization
Photo JournalsFlickrPersonal photos and visualizations –
MemediggersDigg, RedditLinks to stories on ‘hot’ topics –
Product EvaluatorsWize, ThisNext, Insider PagesConsumers’ evaluations of commercial products and servicesCheck out what potential customers are saying about the competition
Personal Diaries/ Music/ Video SharersMySpaceInformation about and samples of people’s favourite stuffPut samples of your organization’s possible new products on MySpace to test-market them
Collaboration and Communication ToolsExamplesUseful for This Kind of Collaboration and CommunicationWhat You Can Do Now
WikisJotSpotSimple, quick collaboration on document drafting and idea generationUse wikis for small-group, ad hoc collaboration in your organization
ForumsYahoo GroupsThreaded, subscribable conversations among communities of practice and communities of interestUse forums for communication among ad hoc communities whose members are both inside and outside your organization
Commercial Collaboration ToolsBaseCamp
(not free)
Project management including document sharing, discussions, scheduling, resource allocation, notifications –
MindmapsFreemindReal-time consensus-building in meetings and conferences; Visual representation of complicated informationUse mindmaps projected on a screen during meetings and conferences for instant documentation and resolution of misunderstandings
VoIPSkypeSimple audio and video conferencingUse Skype to enable free long-distance conferences when face-to-face is too expensive or impractical
Virtual PresenceVyewReal-time videoconferencing with screen-sharing, instant messaging, document sharing, whiteboarding, and attendance trackingUse Vyew to enable small-group videoconferencing, virtual meetings, and training when face-to-face is too expensive or impractical
Peer Production –Producer-customer co-development of products and solutions (gift economy)Read Umair Haque’s paper and decide whether this technique has a place in your organization
‘Unconferencing’Open SpaceCollaboratively addressing and resolving complex issuesRead Chris Corrigan’s Open Space site and decide whether this technique has a place in your organization
Combinations of SNAs and HardwareMashups7

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