Searches for the word P2P on Google Insights

Between before 2004-present, China has produced the most searches for word “P2P”. What does “P2P” mean to the Chinese? Anwser, I don’t really know, maybe the same as it does for me?
Upon trying to narrow down the search requests via categories, Google Insights was not able to provide a break down. It was unavailable. So can anyone answer this? I’m curious now.
For the record, the Europeans are also searching too : Poland, Moldova and Italy are the leaders.

1 Comment Searches for the word P2P on Google Insights

  1. AvatarMichel Bauwens

    My answer to this would be fairly simple: for the vast majority of people, the concept of p2p stands for filesharing, and they are looking for sources of information or entertainment through filesharing.

    As the use of p2p filesharing for media usage is even greater in China, where lots of normally inaccessible international TV programs are seen through the web, I’m not surprised by the finding.

    If you would want to find what kind of people are interested in p2p as peer production, then an alternative would be to look at Google Analytics, and to study the provenance of our own visitors (and of blogs like ours). I did it once, and discovered, surprise surprise, that half of our feed readers came from California!!


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