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Dmytri Kleiner on the workings of a Venture Commune

Guerrilla Translation’s transcript of the 2013 C-Realm Podcast Bauwens/Kleiner/Trialogue prefigures many of the directions the P2P Foundation has taken in later years. To honor its relevance we’re curating special excerpts from each of the three authors. For our third and final extract, Venture Communist and Miscommunication specialist, Dymtri Kleiner offers a proposal to answer the… Continue reading

Dmytri Kleiner’s Venture Communism

Michel Bauwens: In the P2P Foundation report, ‘Value in the Commons Economy, we describe and propose ‘tranvestment‘ strategies, which is a process where capital is transferred from one mode of production, for example, private capital used for capital accumulation, is used instead for expanding the commons and creating livelihoods for commoners, on their own terms, not… Continue reading

“You can’t code away their wealth”: Dmytri Kleiner explains why the construction of P2P alternatives is conflictual

This is one of the must-see, must-listen-to videos to watch this year! Brilliant explanation by Dmytri Kleiner on the ‘transvestment‘ approach, i.e. how to transfer value from the system of capital to the system of peer production. Kleiner explains for example why federated systems, depending on servers and investments, can’t compete with centralized technologies, because… Continue reading

Dmytri Kleiner on how to set up a publicly accessible Tor-based forum

My criticism of Facebook and other sites is not they are not useful, it is rather that they are private, centralized, proprietary platforms. Also, simply abstaining from Facebook in the name of my own media purity is not something that I’m interested in, I don’t see capitalism as a consumer choice, I’m more interested in… Continue reading

Dmytri Kleiner on the need for IPV6

Here’s the always thought-provoking Dmytri Kleiner outlining a more feasible plan for national governments (and, in fact, for those of us who pressure national governments) in the effort to safeguard Net Governance. It was originally published on Dmytri’s blog. Many of my friends and colleagues were in Sao Paulo last week for NETMundial, the Multi-stakeholder Meeting… Continue reading

Dmytri Kleiner on circuits of value in the Lulz economy

We talked about Facebook’s acquisition of Oculus a few days ago. Here’s another take from Dmytri Kleiner, originally published in his blog. Thus, like capitalists, voluntary producers, come to market twice. Fist time as buyers, the second time for the lulz. However, unlike capitalists their circuit is not completed, because the lulz do not enable… Continue reading

Dmytri Kleiner on the workings of a venture commune

For our third and final extract from the transcript of the C-Realm Podcast Bauwens/Kleiner/Trialogue, Venture Communist and Miscommunication specialist, Dymtri Kleiner offers a proposal to answer the following question: How can we create socially-oriented companies without the start-up capital to fund them? So, to try to explain what “venture communism” is, which is my own… Continue reading

Dmytri Kleiner: Bitcoin can’t serve the necessary Public Function of Money

Excerpted from Dmytri Kleiner (with whom I agree on this issue): “I want to write a bit about the public function of money, especially as compared to the market function of money, in light of some of the recent discussion about Bitcoin. Bitcoin is already a very useful technology due to the fact that it… Continue reading

Essay of the Day: Dmytri Kleiner on Radical Openness

Excerpted from Dmytri Kleiner: “Thinking about “the challenges of a open practice” gets me thinking about what “radical openness” could mean. On the surface, it could just mean really, really, extremely, very open. But that’s a overly colloquial understanding of the word radical, as in “totally rad,” as opposed to “radical critique.” Extreme or drastic… Continue reading

Dmytri Kleiner: Is capitalism compatible with free P2P Systems?

Excerpted from Dmytri Kleiner’s mailing list: “In the meantime, I’d like to reflect a little on Evgeny Morozov’s keynote at #28c3 this morning. The topic was Surveillance Enabling Technologies. Long story short, Telecoms, Tech Firms, and Governments are developing and deploying systems to control and monitor their citizens online communications, and even selling this technology… Continue reading

Dmytri Kleiner interviewed on the Telekommunisten Manifesto

Excerpted from another excellent Furtherfield interview, conducted by Marc Garrett: “MG: Who is the Manifesto written for? DK: I consider my peers to be politically minded hackers and artists, especially artists whose work is engaged with technology and network cultures. Much of the themes and ideas in the Manifesto are derived from ongoing conversations in… Continue reading

Dmytri Kleiner on the Price and Value of Free Culture

From a recent ‘Transmediale’ panel discussion: “In recent years, the free culture movement has been very much focused on the development of alternative rights and licensing systems. The development of appropriate economic benchmarks outside traditional business models are only now starting to gain traction: crowdsourcing, micro-funding and shared economy – these are the new watchwords… Continue reading