Scott Constable on the Deep Craft Ethos and Manifesto of ‘exuberant frugality’

Fair Companies writes that “Scott Constable is a craftsman who designs utilitarian objects like furniture skateboards and handcrafted homes to the more esoteric, such as a mobile micro radio station or a mobile biodiesel processor. … Borrowing from the concept of deep ecology, Constable created the term Deep Craft and began to craft a manifesto as a set of working principles. They are a work in progress and he hopes to encourage open source dialogue. So far, he’s created 64 principles “to define criteria for assessing handmade products and practices”.”

Scott Constable explains that “The Deep Craft Manifesto is a work in progress, and will evolve as I am able to distill my experimental research into working principles. My hope is that these principles will help to define criteria for assessing handmade products and practices, through ‘open source’ dialog and demonstration. I will be drawing upon my own experience as case study, and will feature select projects that model craft as an ecological design strategy.”

Watch the video:

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