The Romanian parliament unanimously passed an amendment to the country’s “Law on the Sale of Food Products” bill which states that every large supermarket in the country must ensure that 51% of the fruit, vegetables, meat, eggs, honey, dairy products and baked goods they stock are “locally sourced”.

The initiative goes against the EU dictum that imports must be accepted and local producers may not be favoured over the “free commerce” of large multinational companies.

The EU will probably challenge the law but the author argues that such a challenge would be ineffective. On the other hand, this would be a perfect opportunity to challenge the EU’s agricultural and trade policies. Local food production is at a disadvantage. It is next to impossible for local producers to compete with international imports.

Also read the comments that argue whether EU intervention in the case would be effective, or whether the law (and possible EU counter moves) should be used to highlight the destructive nature of EU rules and international trade agreements.

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1 Comment Will EU move to block Romania’s 51% local food shift?

  1. AvatarLella

    How dare the EU interfere with what a country decides to sell in its shops to its own people, importing food is not environmentally friendly and damages local producers. It really is all about corporations and money, perhaps its just as well the UK are out, now we just need to get rid of all the corporate Etonian MPs and have a real government who actually works for the people. Well done Romania!

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