Rodney Mullen on Open Source Skateboarding

Skateboarding functions as an open source community, explains the 10-year long world champion Rodney Mullen.

“By peering into the layered nature of practice through the lens of what high-level pro skateboarders do, we’ll investigate how the nuanced way in which they go about it can be the biggest determinant of success— especially at groundbreaking levels. Tuning the dynamic balance of the analytic methods by which we learn with the internal sense or feel for the whole of what we’re learning is an art, specific to the individual as well as the task. The better we tune our practice, the more practice will make perfect.”

Watch the video here:

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  1. AvatarRobert D. Ballard of Rochester N.Y.

    This Person, Rodney Mullen, is a beautiful Human. He has done so much for so many People through his contributions to Skateboarding. He is, unbeknownst to the majority of Skaters worldwide, the most important contributor to the world of Skateboarding. He is essentially responsible for the entire subculture. His eventual passing will leave an unforgettable impact on the art and its millions of participants. It is then he will finally recieve the credit he’s due. Though as a near life long admirer it’s obvious to me that’s not what he ultimately values or strives for. He is very Humble and Selfless. Recognition is not nor ever was his first or final goal. I am very proud of him not only for essentially inventing the modern sense of the art but for the Person he’s grown to be. As a Skater of 10 years I am very thankful for the role model he has provided. I am so grateful we are blessed with such a beautiful Person to represent us. If you happen to read this Rodney, thank you for the Person you are. Your genius lives through us.

    I really enjoyed yet another intriguing and insightful talk. I share your detailed perspective on Skateboarding and am glad there is record of you describing Skateboarding in this context. Open-Source that it. And how wonderful of P2P for the posting.

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