“I don’t believe in borders, I don’t like flags, I have no boundaries.
My only homeland: friendship, love and justice for all.”

Dedicated to the memory of
Myra Landau (1926–2018)

We are very excited to announce the launch of our eighth issue, on revolutionary internationalism in the twenty-first century. Beyond the Border features important contributions by a group of world-leading scholars, activists and organizers on the necessity of organizing across and beyond the border in the fields of workers’ internationalism, feminist internationalism, no-border activism, migrant and refugee solidarity, Black internationalism and much more.

You can now read the individual essays on our website or download the issue as a high-quality PDF. The issue is currently in press and should be delivered to print subscribers this autumn.

Please note that Issue #8 is our last issue to appear in print. For continued coverage of social struggles and revolutionary movements around the world make sure to keep following us at roarmag.org! If you value our work and want to continue supporting us, please consider becoming ROAR patron.

Read Issue #8 Online

A selection from the issue’s content:

Women’s Internationalism against Global Patriarchy

Dilar Dirik

Women’s liberation is at its heart a struggle for the liberation of all humanity from the most treacherous and insidious forms of oppression and domination. Read on ROAR

Africa’s Place in the Radical Imagination

Zoé Samudzi

Our internationalist concerns for Africa must necessarily transcend the flattened talking points to which the continent is frequently reduced in our discourses. Read on ROAR

Workers of the World

Erik Forman

To avert a descent into barbarism, the labor movement must develop an effective and innovative internationalist praxis uniting workers across borders. Read on ROAR

Beyond the Border Kaleidoscope

Natasha King

As borders change, they pose new challenges for migrant movements — yet those same movements also continue to radically transform the borders they oppose. Read on ROAR

Translocal Solidarity and the New Municipalism

Laura Roth & Bertie Russell

By conceiving of transformative social change in “translocal” terms, the municipalist movement enables us to redefine internationalism for our times. Read on ROAR

Towards a New Internationalism

Thomas Jeffrey Miley

If the class struggle is to be reignited, we must denounce the left’s resurgent social chauvinism. The worker, once again, must come to realize that she has no country. Read on ROAR

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