Ripples in the Open Money Sphere

Ryan Fugger is making continued progress with his Ripple and RipplePay initiatives, and I asked him for a review of recent developments.

Ryan Fugger:

“I launched a year and a half ago, I have let it evolve on its own as much as possible in order to focus on the main goal of the Ripple project, which is to develop an open, distributed protocol for carrying out Ripple payments across multiple servers.

To that end, Ripplepay has been a great success, running smoothly under a small but steadily growing userbase, and acting as a conceptual introduction to draw attention to the larger project, and requiring almost no attention month-to-month.

I do have many plans for improving the Ripplepay service in the future, including connecting it to the existing monetary system

If there are any python developers or linux admins who want to work on improvements to the standalone site and help to develop it into a proper commercial service, please contact me. I do see commercial potential there

I have released the code behind the present standalone Ripplepay service at for those who want to
operate their own Ripple site, and I plan on releasing the distributed server as soon as it is ready, as well releasing the merger of the two when it happens. I envision many independently-operated Ripple servers forming an open, global, decentralized payment network that can compete with, and ultimately subsume the existing proprietary, centralized banking network. This is a lifetime project for me.

There is a fair bit of material online at and”

For more information, see our section where we monitor open money developments and our specific page linking to various P2P Exchange Infrastructure Projects.

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