Revision 18 – Ela Kagel: Blockchain, Cooperatives and Alt-Governance

Ela Kagel was invited to co-host a fish bowl event on Blockchain, Cooperatives and Distributed Governance, together with Resonate Coop-founder Peter Harris. This fishbowl conversation was part of the Revision 2018 conference, held in Berlin, Germany on Nov 19-20, 2018.

Ela and Peter started off the conversation by introducing two showcases, RChain Europe cooperative and Resonate Music streaming collective, two technology enterprises that are organized as cooperatives. In their introduction, they especially highlighted the challenges of collectively governing these projects and then asked for more people to join. Among the people that responded were Kei Kreutler of Gnosis, Felix Weth, co-founder of Fairmondo, Sven Laepple and Gleb Dudka from Astratum, Stacco Troncoso from Guerilla Translation and P2P Foundation, and
Anton Wundrak from DNAmerch.

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