Revamping away from integral orthodoxy

Lawrence Wollersheim is continuing to move the website on open and integral spirituality away from the Wilberian orthodoxy (if you can read between the lines).

Here’s the announcement:

Our rapidly growing open source, integral spirituality community supports individuals seeking to integrate their personal spirituality with art, science and the best of the integral perspective. Our organization has although, selectively adopted a broad vision of the integral perspective as it is relevant to creating an open source integral spirituality that is in fact a trans-denominational meta-spirituality.

This new form of open source integral spirituality is primarily dedicated to helping you expand your current personal spiritual path. Through example, it also seeks to enhance the integralization of the developmental “conveyor belt” found within current religious traditions to help better support the resolution of world problems.

What is different about our Integrative Spirituality website and organization is that you will see the best ideas and theory of the integral movement often invisibly woven into the design and content without its worst. Here you will also find people new to the integral movement and integral spirituality finding themselves unconsciously applying the best of the integral movements most practical and useful ideas before they even know exactly what the integral movement is, what its technical jargon is or, study it in any depth.

Unlike other integral movement organizations, we will not force you into long and complex integral philosophy study as well as techie terminology discussions of complex and continually evolving integral theory. You do not need to prove to us how bright you are or that you are second tier before you can actually start important practical actions to help expand your personal spirituality and effectively improve your life and the world. The over heady, techie terminology theoretical discussion and study focus of some integral movement organizations has been a big part of why many people, (particularly women,) so quickly leave the movement or are simply turned off to its most valuable and useful ideas.

Most people believe that theory is fine and knowing all the whys are good for a very small fraction of the population who must know these things, but most people just want to test the theory out and see how it delivers practical and real benefits. That is what we have done on this open source integral spirituality website with our seamless applications of the best of integral theory, philosophy and spirituality without its worst.

What is also different about this open source new form of an integral spirituality is that it is not Advaita Buddhist dominated in its spiritual perspective nor, does it accept the Advaita Buddhist myths of the given just because they are the favorite personal myths of key personalities or the majority of individuals in the current integral movement. Here you will find a truly open sourced form of “I, we it” meta spirituality that equally honors both eastern and western mysticism/theologies and does not place one form of mysticism and expression developmentally above the other (as is subtly found in the Advaita Buddhist dominated Wilber Combs lattice.)

If you have a Judeo-Christian background or current focus or an eastern spiritualities background or focus you will never feel that your spiritual mysticism and wisdom is being given a subtle developmental second seat at the integral table.

Finally, as a not for profit are focused exclusively upon developing practical and integral applications of authentic and safe spirituality derived in part from the best ideas of the integral and other movements like the Evolutionary Spirituality movement. We do not charge large fees for spiritual education or spiritual workshops. We are not designed primarily for the wealthy or some elite developmental group nor are we celebrity endorsement focused. Our exchange model is simple, affordable, voluntary and donation based.

If you would like to be a part of this evolving new form of open source community based integral spirituality, we welcome you as a fellow spiritual co-journeyer.

Click here for our take on the simple basics of the integral and the integral movement. This link also contains important strong disclaimers, qualifications and warnings regarding negative things we see developing in the integral movement and other organizations espousing the integral worldview and our relationship to them.”

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