Response to The Machine is Us

I was about to post the video on Web 2.0 by Michael Wesch, Assistant Cultural Anthropology Professor at Kansas State University. – when I realised that James Burke had posted it earlier this month here. Other than my personal interests in Web 2.0 and the applications that come with it, I am interested about its implications for cultural institutions such as libraries. Here are some quick thoughts:

  • Library 2.0, a vision that libraries are working towards, must look out of the library for guidelines to actions
  • It’s not about getting people through the door
  • There are the purposeful user, and the ‘purpose-less’ wanderer
  • Users are also your most valuable contributers
  • Librarians should start playing with library users – it’s all about trust and dialogues
  • Expect spaces to be transformed. Both physical and digital

And here’s a librarian’s manifesto:

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