Report about P2P foundation in Greece

During last months, we experimented with different projects in P2P foundation in Greece, with the ambition to spread the message of this new emerging civilization. Apart from the campaign for emancipation of the ERT archive, a campaign-platform which due to some technical incapacity is still under construction, the “P2P in a nutshell”, created by Mauro Bieg, was translated into Greek (here) as well as we started a delicious tags collection (here, everybody can contribute to this effort) regarding a diverse amount of initiatives organized through the “Greek web” world. The more recent initiative was the launch of the channel of the Greek P2P foundation. This channel contains some fundamental videos, published at youtube, concerning aspects of the P2P movement. Our ambition is to start a subtitling project of some of the basic videos or even to produce our own clips. We think that the necessity for approaching a wider audience and promoting the main ideas of the P2P theory is imperative if we wish to connect theory with practice; intellectual world with the real one.

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