Rania Antonopoulos, new (deputy) Greek minister of Labor, on Responding to the Unemployment Crisis in Greece

The uncanny quality of the new Greek Syriza government, already evident with the finance minister Varoufakis, is also visible in the new Minister of Labor.

The relationship with p2p is that Rania Antonopoulos is linked to the economics school of Modern Monetary Theory, which provides a rationale for progressive economic policies:

(some extra background below the video)

Excerpted from C. J. Polychroniou:

“One of the main pillars of Syriza’s economic program is the creation of 300,000 new jobs for the unemployed under a direct public employment scheme. Such a program will provide relief for a sizable percentage of the long-term unemployed, will boost demand as the newly employed will increase their consumption, and will increase government revenue through the collection of additional direct and indirect taxes provided by the newly employed.

The psychological rewards of such a program for the long-term unemployed are immeasurable.
Interestingly, the task for the implementation of the employment program has been assigned to a colleague of mine at the Levy Institute, Rania Antonopoulos, who has been appointed deputy minister of Labor and Social Solidarity under a Syriza-led government.

Syriza’s economic program also promises to increase the minimum monthly wage to pre-crisis levels. This wage increase will stimulate growth through additional spending in the economy and contribute to a decrease of the unemployment rate.

Even so, it needs to be pointed out, that the prospects of a real Greek recovery will only improve substantially if the now unsustainable Greek public debt receives a generous “haircut.” Without it, a Syriza government, like Sisyphus, may be engaged in a never ending struggle to lift the country out of its extreme condition brought about by some five years of blind and violent austerity.”

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