is an open software project in beta release.

Networking locally through WiFi is the objective.

qaul net 2

Their approach to the problem is rather unique. They have developed software that virally creates a local network, providing mesh-network connectivity to the local cloud.

“A download of the software on wireless-enabled computers, tablets and mobile phones is sufficient in order to participate. The structure of the network and the exchange are managed directly by the tool the software is passed from device to device via a WLAN like a virus. Computers within range can be connected through and thereby make the connection to the mesh network. Anyone with a Wi-Fi enabled device can expand or consolidate an existing network, or create their own.

The open source project ‘Freifunk’ / ‘Funkfeuer’ and the aid program ‘One Laptop per Child’ use a mesh network. takes these developments further by combining the server and router software with the applications on the devices themselves. Event the access to the network is no longer tied to a central entity, so the network can spread as quickly and easily as a virus.”

Participation in the Network is different because it does not distinguish the difference between a parent network, the infrastructure, and the individual use of the function. In the, every device is part of the network, while it is at the same time working as a functional input and reception tool. The application software is directly coupled with the server and router software. Instead of functioning with only certain brands or systems, establishes ONE network between ALL kind of wireless devices.

Voice calls, file sharing, Twitter like messenger. An open API will invite programmers to write own applications.

Open Source

The software will be released under the GPL (Gnu Public License). This “viral” open-source software license guarantees permanent, free availability of the software and its further developments and improvements. A community of developers shall be built for the purpose of maintaining, modifying, and enhancing the software.

The term qaul is Arabic and means opinion, say, talk or word. Qaul is pronounced like the English word ‘call’. Using the arabic word is a hat tip to the uprisings in the Middle East.

I recommend reading the whole project description here… 

Should you get impatient for technical details, you can skip ahead to “The Dream of a Free Network” 

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