Can you get 100% Jeremy?

Telekommunisten have created a Facebook game to promote #votelabour

Put On Your Corbyn Face might be the first ever Facebook game that you play with empathy and feeling. Your score depends on how well you can reproduces the emotion in a picture of Jeremy Corbyn!

Telekommunisten promote Venture Communism. Venture Communism is rooted in a network of co-operatives. The key idea is to replace the institutions of the bourgeois state. Instead, we intend to build the new society within the shell of the old. One that is commons-based, bottom-up, and worker-controlled.

In the mean time, millions depend on the bourgeois state. Heath care, housing, education and many other social goods depend on the state. While we are building the P2P future, we depend on the present institutions. Without them, communities face more precarity, and have less capacity to build alternatives.

For this reason, when the opportunity presents itself to make things better, we need to act.

We don’t expect the bourgeois state to build the commons for us. We act when direct political participation can make a difference.

The Jeremy Corbyn campaign is such an opportunity.

Like all who would restrict the ability of the wealthy few to expand their wealth. Like all who would not make the few richer at the expense of the many. Corbyn has faced merciless resistance from the establishment. He has has faced an especially biased press.

We know that centralized capitalist social media is oppressive and profit focused. Despite this, it is one way where individuals can help. By sharing, people can support Jeremy Corbyn’s Labour Party against Theresa May’s Tories. May and the Tories support banning cryptography, which P2P software depends on. They support the privatization of the NHS. They support austerity, war, and environmental catastrophe.

A Facebook game was a way for us to make a positive contribution.

Put On Your Corbyn Face uses your webcam. The classification system uses an open source JavaScript library called clmtracker. The library compares 60 points on your face to a photo of Jeremy Corbyn. The better you are able to emulate the emotion in Jeremy’s face, the higher your score.

After you play, you have the option to share your score on Facebook, or download it, and share elsewhere.

Use this special link to play and share the slogan “When you hear that banning cryptography will make the UK safer”

Each time somebody shares their score on Facebook, they reach hundreds of people.

In Solidarity,
Baruch Gottlieb, Dmytri Kleiner

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