Push for water privatization in Detroit – should water be a commons or private property?

Hard times are coming for many in Detroit as the City administration decides water must make a profit. Ultimately, this is pressure from the financial system, the bankers, and there does not seem to be place for compassion.

Common Dreams reports on this in an article titled

Will Detroit’s Water be Privatized or Recognized as Commons?

Water is life.

Water is a Human Right.

Happening right now in Detroit, next to the Great Lakes (25% of the fresh water for the world), under the guise of bankruptcy; residents are being targeted and pushed out of their homes and subjected to unreasonable rate hikes, in a bid to ultimately privatize Detroit’s water.

“We are not saying that the services of running water should be free, we are saying it should be affordable and accessible by all, and we have put forth the Water Affordability Plan to that end, which was approved by our city council,” says Priscilla Dziubek, of the Peoples Water Board. This plan is self-funding and graduated much like the tax system, where no one pays over a certain percentage of their income on water…

Water is a human right and all people should have access to clean and affordable water.

Water is a commons that should be held in the public trust free of privatization.

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