Project of the Day: the Uncollege un-curriculum

The Uncollege is “a college experience for unschoolers, or: “UnCollege is a social movement designed to help you hack your education.”

“UnCollege isn’t just an idea or a website. It’s a movement. It’s a lifestyle. We believe that college isn’t the only path to success.

UnCollege is a social movement changing the notion that going to college is the only path to success. We empower students to hack their education through resources, writing, and workshops. We believe that everyone can live an UnCollege life by hacking their education.

We are not against college. We do not want to end university, raze classrooms, burn books, or fire professors. We are not boycotting college. We simply challenge the notion that college is the only path to success.

Hacking your education means deciding how, where, and what you want to learn. Hacking your education means bending institutions to your reality. Hacking your education means making the most of the best years of your life.

Hacking your education does not require dropping out of college.”

Co-founder Dale Stephens explains its history:

‘Dale was unschooled for grades six through twelve and enrolled at Hendrix College in Conway, Arkansas following “high school.” He was frustrated with some aspects of his college experience and spent much of his first semester thinking and writing about what could be done to address his concerns.

Over winter break, Dale talked with Rebecca Goldman, a fellow unschooler who left Dartmouth College, about his frustrations with higher education. They found that they had precisely the same frustrations about college, even though they had attended different institutions.

After pondering this conversation, Dale came to the conclusion that their frustrations with higher education stemmed not from the specific institutions they had attended, but rather from their common experience: unschooling. They threw around some ideas via email, and Rebecca suggested, “we should just start our own college, à la the movie Accepted.”

Dale decided that as a former unschooler, he could make Rebecca’s unschooler college a reality.

Dale launched on January 21st, 2011.”

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