Project of the Day: The Open Master’s Program

“Socially-activated, self-directed higher education – organized in small groups and peer reviewed”.

The project is “A participant-run, member-supported project that emerged as a P2PU Labs project with a grant from the Shuttleworth Foundation, building directly on the experience and community of P2PU and Citizen Circles.”

Some extra details:

* On the Rhythm of the Open Master’s Community

“Even while are each at different stages in the process- and while we are working in self-directed studio groups spread out around the world- the Open Master’s community maintains a common cycle of trimesters (Jan – April, May – Aug, Sept – Dec) so that we are always completing personal reflections and peer reviews together in the last two weeks of each trimester.

Just as in nature and in formal schooling, this cycle helps us create a sense of both continuity and renewal. It creates a natural moment every four months to pause, take stock of progress, reflect, and refocus.

Our anchors throughout all of this are our plans, our study buddies, our studio groups, and external mentors, advisors and coaches.”

* On the Time and Duration of an Open Master’s

“You may complete an Open Master’s in 1-3 years, depending on your plan.

A full-time member- who has no other obligations except completing his or her Open Master’s and spends 40+ hours per week on his or her plan- may become a Candidate for Graduation after completing 3 full-time trimesters.

A part-time member- who is completing his or her Open Master’s along with other work or obligations and spends between 8-40 hours per week on his or her plan- may become a Candidate for Graduation after completing six full-time trimesters, or up to nine.”

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