Project of the Day: the Cultural Commons Collecting Society

“For a long time, the registered association e.V. has dreamed of a fair alternative to the GEMA. The OpenMusicContest (, from which the registered association emerged, showed the difficulties in communicating and interacting with the GEMA. The activities of the association therefore shifted from the organization of the event to becoming the supporting association for the Cultural Commons Collecting Society.”

Proposed by the e.V. :

“The initiative behind the Cultural Commons Collecting Society (C3S) has committed itself to founding a fair and flexible alternative to GEMA. Working hand in hand with creative professionals and music lovers, the C3S will support musicians in improving their livelihood – without threats and intimidation. We want a digital alternative with a fair distribution for all. We will register a European cooperative, offering full voting rights to every member – not just to those better off.

The Cultural Commons Collecting Society is an independent initiative. The C3S is neither a part of, nor connected with, Creative Commons. Just like other associations and corporations, the C3S asked the Creative Commons organization for advice in order to co-ordinate the C3S’s concept of the integration of Creative Commons licenses with the Creative Commons guidelines .”

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