Project of the Day: PDX Radical Mycology Collective & Fungi for the People

PDX Radical Mycology Collective & Fungi for the People


PDX Radical Mycology Collective

‘Portland’s regional Radical Mycology collective.’

Radical Mycology Is for …

  • Accessible Mushroom Cultivation Techniques
  • Myco-remediation of our Polluted Environment
  • Building Healthy Relationships between People and Fungi

We are currently forming as an off-shoot of the (inter)national Radical Mycology Convergence. Fungus is everywhere, a constant reminder of the importance of communication, decay, and renewal. Like the fungus, we are ever-present.” (

“Stay tuned for updates on skillshares, work parties, potlucks, and actions. Contact us to get involved, whether you would like to attend or lead a skillshare, donate cultivation space or equipment, join the collective, or to report a toxic site in need of mycoremediation in the Portland area. Don’t forget to join our listserve to keep in touch! Just send an email to PDXradmyco(AT) with “join” as the subject.”

Fungi for the People

‘Exists to implement and share approaches on working with mushrooms in a sustainable fashion to heal the planet and it’s people.’

Ja Schindler:  “Fungi For the People exists to implement and share approaches on working with mushrooms in a sustainable fashion to heal the planet and it’s people. We focus on primarily two goals: first, to partner with Native Fungi in the processes of toxin degradation and soil development, and second, to share techniques and medicine with our community (you) by teaching workshops, offering mushroom spawn, and high quality Medicinal Mushroom Extracts and teas.
Every person who cultivates life also cultivates fungi, it is virtually unavoidable, and enhancing our interaction with fungi will in turn enhance our relationship with ourselves and the many other creatures that we wish to share a healthy balanced world with.

Fungi For the People is a project started by myself, Ja Schindler, of Eugene, Oregon. It was an interest that began when I was in college studying botany, coincidentally picking up a life changing mycology lab manual. I then moved to the Northwest 8 years ago and have been studying fungi in the field and culturing fungi in a farm setting and at home, along the way seeing fungi come to rise on the American consciousness. We are now in a time where our relationships with the organisms around us has become the vital matter in attempting sustainability, and I am offering to share what I have learned to any who wish to enhance their relationship with fungi.

We are also doing research on toxic waste remediation with fungi, developing new cultivation techniques, starting endangered species surveys and a spore bank here in Oregon. Any collaboration interest is encouraged, there is much ado about fungi.” (

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