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Extracted from our friends at Telekommunisten and described as a “Global Pipe Dream Come True”, OCTO is Telekommunisten’s response to the looming fuel crisis which will surely affect the shipping industry, food supplies, etc. Rather than passively wait for the collapse of globalized capitalist production and distribution, or turn to overtly reactive lifeboat-based solutions, OCTO will re-enable physical glocalization to such a degree that we’ll even be able to throw the P2P Foundation’s stance on “keeping what is heavy is near, what is light is far” out the window (as seen in this video). Read on to find out more…

Installation OCTO P7C-1 at the Foyer

In joint collaboration with reSource and transmediale 2013, Telekommunisten unveiled to potential investors and partners the most radically disruptive project in the history of telecommunications, bringing the transformative power of digital communications to the physical sphere with a global sharing platform for the transmission of physical objects. OCTO is building a global system to interconnect every household and place of business with pneumatic tubes, which will permit the high-speed delivery of packages to and from any subscriber worldwide.
For transmediale 2013 a prototype of the system was deployed at the Haus der Kulturen der Welt in Berlin, called OCTO P7C-1. Curated by Tatiana Bazzichelli, and working with Vittore Baroni and an international network of artists, OCTO P7C-1 Intertubular Pneumatic Packet Distribution System was not only be used for on-site communications by transmediale staff and festival guests, but also be a part of the PNEUMAtic circUS international mail art project highlighting the potential and versatility of the platform.

OCTO-P7C-1 Intertubular Pneumatic Packet Distribution System was
transmediale 2013?s Official Miscommunication Platform and the result of
a joint collaboration between the reSource transmedial culture
berlin/transmediale, the Telekommunisten collective and raumlaborberlin.

For more OCTO images and videos, (and investment opportunities) follow this link

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