Project of the Day: Maia Maia

Maia Maia is a carbon-based currency used in Western Australia and elsewhere

Some extra background:

“We’ve invented a cool kind of money called the Boya

A Boya is created by our schools and community groups whenever we work together to reduce greenhouse pollution in the atmosphere.

The formula is simple:

1 Tonne of pollution subtracts $100 from the global economy.

1 Tonne of pollution reduction adds 100 Boya to our local economy.

When we trade Boya, or accept them at our businesses, we are supporting each other in creating a better future for all of us.

As Boya move around from person to person they carry the story of positive community action that will further inspire ourselves and others.

Together we can:

Share our stories about the good news that often goes unmentioned as we work together to create a better tomorrow.

Set our own value for greenhouse pollution reductions created by our communities TODAY.

Thank schools and families for reducing pollution by exchanging their Boya for discounts at our businesses.

‘Make’ money and save money at the same time.”

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