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We are very happy to share with you the following project description, culled from‘s webpage. We’re specially glad to see them choose the Peer Production License for their work. Is the PPL perfect or will it work? My answer to that is that a) No it isn’t but it’s the best option currently out there and b) There’s only one way to find out! So full props to Infrastructures for taking the leap.

Government infrastructure management is all too commonly perceived as inadequate, compared to that of the private sector. Decisions in the public sector are based on a need for collective profitability and often over the long term; they also may be driven by a collective desire to attribute non-monetary values to a project. Thus, it is reasonable to expect that effective infrastructure management may differ between the public and private sectors. And at the same time, it might be absurdly easy to say that because a hospital, or a road, that is managed by the public will have to be less well managed than it would be as a private project.

What if, equipped with semantic tools, the actors of the culture of Commoning could become leaders into achieving and demonstrating operational excellence in managing various collective infrastructures, in a never experienced quality level?

The proposed strategy of involves creating and providing access to a collective and documented directory of semantic models adaptations for the management of infrastructures and the activities they support. It offers the container of an integrated operations management and documentation tool, as much as operation manuals contents: « how to » efficiently manage different aspects of various infrastructure types.

Our active sharing projects are :

  • Collective permaculture farm conception
  • Hospital Management
  • Video production and its sequences characterization, for remixing purpose (in relation with Remix the Commons
  • Quebec Fiddle’s dynamic and living Encyclopedia

smw.infrastructures.ccWe invite to discover and experiment the many ways this management manual may be reused and collaboratively enhanced to benefit services and goods production, adaptable in a wide variety of contexts. Being initially developped in French, but with great multilingual possibilities, we also invite you to invest in this collective project by supporting us, either by proposing semantic models in English, by participating to it’s English development, or even in a financial contribution.

You are welcome to contact Guillaume Coulombe at gcoulombe (a) for any comments or requests about is shared under the Peer Production Licence.

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