Last week, the British media featured a story about a member of the royalty avoiding tax. While this practice is nothing new and is certainly not limited to royalty, the legal structure permitting the tax avoidance was roundly criticized. The criticism highlighted the fact that the inheritance tax avoided would have funded the Nation Health Service for the entire nation this year.

By setting up a perpetual trust fund the family wealth is immune to taxation. In effect, the trust operates outside the system. Like corporations in the USA, the trust is a person. It can own property and conduct business. Family members named in the trust can benefit from it, but since they do not “own” the trust’s assets the family members are not taxed.

Royalty, the wealthy elite, criminal enterprise and corporate interests all operate outside the system. Why shouldn’t normal citizens also create a vehicle for operating outside the system? Think of it; eventually, there will be no system left.  Which is why normal people need to cooperate to survive.  Faircoop may be a vision of our shared future.

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Freedom Coop is a Faircoop project based around a European Cooperative Society (SCE) which creates toolkits for self-management, self-employment, economic autonomy and financial disobedience for all individuals and groups striving for fairer, more solidary and cooperative social and economic relationships.

With the launch of this early beta we hope that the projects interested in joining will register and walk side by side with us, supporting the development of this tool, and of all its potential.

Fly with us!!

The website is already available in English, Spanish, Greek, French, German and Catalan. More languages will come soon.

This is the link for the register form:

Here you can see also more longer news in different languages:







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Local Nodes are the regional representation of both Freedom Coop and FairCoop and are a very important part of this European Network. Local node groups do not just represent the people who compose them, but also give feedback to Freedom Coop as a whole. In this way, Local Nodes are able to become an interconnecting doorway between people at the local and global level.

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To become a member of Freedom Coop you have to make a non-recurring membership contribution by underwriting at least 1 share as an individual (or 2 for group memberships) with the option of underwriting as much as you want, at a nominal value of 30€ (600 FAIR) each. With this membership contribution you help Freedom Coop build the financial resources it needs. The shares do not bear any interest and would be recovered (linked to the Euro value contribution) upon termination of your membership.

For the ongoing administrative and technical costs, a periodical membership fee should be payable every three months, depending on the profits of each member, according to the invoices of incomes and expenses of the member. This quarterly fees only affects the self-employed members.

Therefore, the amount you pay depends dynamically on your periodical profit using Freedom Coop’s tools. If you have a low or no income at the beginning of your economic activity, the fees will stay at a minimum level. Compared to many state taxation systems this is fair. By doing so we all can avoid entering a debt spiral, which would work in favor of the states and banks.

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Open Collaborative Platform (OCP)

The first step to become a member of Freedom Coop is to join our Open Collaborative Platform(.) The OCP is the key organizational tool we offer to individuals, collectives, and management inside Freedom Coop.

The OCP can be used to:

    • Account the time spent by every member to use it as a base of income distribution and a way of self-actualization for any project.
    • Execute a quarterly fee and tax distribution between Freedom Coop and their members.
    • Manage an online Faircoin wallet to accept and make payments.

Alternative Banking

Freedom Coop provides an alternative banking tool for members with economic activity. This specific bank account has crucial features for our system.

This alternative banking tool can be used to:

      • receive payments from the current system (bank transfers, credit/debit cards etc.) and convert it directly into Faircoin.
      • Autonomously manage economic projects with your bank account, for example to pay providers and be paid by clients, thus creating an international/European/local relationship beyond the control of the financial system.

Furthermore, you can use the VAT number of the Freedom Coop for invoicing the good and services offered through Freedom Coop and for request receipts.

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If I have a project outside Europe, is it still useful for me to join?

There are two ways in which Freedom Coop can help projects in other continents.

Firstly, in the case of projects that are produced online – or without a public physical activity-, you could use the european cooperative’s legal personality for invoicing as if you were in Europe.

Secondly, you could be interested in selling your goods and services in Europe and join Freedom Coop to make it easier to have a relationship with your European clients.


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