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Mitch Downey:

“’s ultimate goal is to create a website where you can learn about, share your opinions on, compare your opinions with, and contact ALL of your candidates and elected officials via one convenient web page. This project is called ‘EVomni’, and you can check out the open source UI designs here. is committed to a strict set of principles, in order to ensure these election information services are provided as ethically and equitably as possible. is dedicated not only to producing only open source (AGPL) software, but promises to make its software federation-compatible, so that users can transfer or sync their data with any ‘competing’ government monitoring tool.

Federation-compatibility is essential to preventing a Facebook-style monopoly on government monitoring tools from forming. Sadly, we have not yet heard of any other US government monitoring tools vowing to make their services federation-compatible, so we consider our work extremely important.

Since EveryVote’s ultimate goal requires a great deal of manpower and resources, and we are still a small team of recent college graduates, we are taking a Lean Startup approach by creating a Facebook app that enables university students to learn about and interact with all of their student government candidates on one convenient page. This project is called ‘EVmini’ and you can watch a 60 second video intro the platform here.”

More Information

“If you have any feedback or questions, or you may be interested in helping the EveryVote project this summer 2013, we’d love to hear from you at [email protected], or by tweeting @everyvoteorg. At this time the project would especially benefit from additional programmers and web designers , help in any capacity would be greatly appreciated. If a blogger would like to post an interview or QA about the EveryVote project, that would also be a huge help. Thanks!”

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  1. Avataroooorgle

    Yet another avenue to beg our masters to be nicer to us… Insanity; doing the same thing over and over while expecting a different result.

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