Project of the Day: ANOSI Volos Volunteers

ANOSI Volos Volunteers

“ANOSI – Volos Volunteers – the group of people who set up and keeps running the ‘no middlemen’ food and basic industrial goods distribution in Volos. They link producers with consumers, using an online ordering system. All orders are fulfilled directly by vendors, during monthly distribution meetings, held at the parking lot of Volos stadium.

Distribution meetings, with the staff of 40-60 volunteers, gather up to 2500 consumers and 300 vendors!

All of this massive and long-term operation is done purely on a volunteer basis, including quality control, logistics and security. It is going to be a fascinating story to convey to everyone who wants to support the social distribution of goods.”

2. And this is, what ANOSI people tell about themselves:

The “Buoyancy Volunteers Volos’ is an independent movement of active citizens of Volos. Our objectives under the conditions experienced by our country and in effect by our city are many.

As the name “Buoyancy” suggests, we are determined to push to the surface, with all our powers and abilities, whatever we understand that is sinking daily due to malicious internal or external actions.

Our dignity, the uncertain future of our children, unstable work, ragged economy of our city, the impoverished neighborhoods and dozens more reasons lead us to organize and substitute for the state in all areas which are abandoned and in deficit for years.

We urge all free people of Volos who are keen to offer part of their daily lives. Let’s get together; take our lives in our hands and increase “buoyancy”.” (

The only battle lost is the one not given. We started this battle and it is fun, too.


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