If you could successfully create your own nation, who would you invite to be a part of it?

Today, I began creating my next life. I am leaving my present employer this year, in search of people who are working on issues I care about. It is not as if my co-workers don’t care. I work with social workers and community advocates. They genuinely want to make the world better for everyone.

But what would a better world for everyone look like? How would such a world function? Last year, a hundred altruistic people gathered to prototype a better world.

The result is a new nation – Hackistan.

Extracted from: http://hackistan.be/

Humanity is facing multiple challenges. Paradoxically, all resources which could help us overcome these challenges do exist. We are part of a new generation who believes that collaboration and co-creation can help solving those problems.

We believe in a new model for entrepreneurship where multidisciplinary collaboration, fairness and collective intelligence empower people and projects towards value and impact. Hackistan is a bet, an experiment with a strong purpose: a new land where talented professionals and impactful projects meet within a trust-based framework to build a new world.

Extracted from: https://www.facebook.com/palexandre.klein

In a trust-based framework, our goal is offer individuals and projects the best human, digital, financial and infrastructure existing resources – which are btw often underused-, within what we call a vertuous environment (mutualistic, redistributive).


This framework should allow these people and projects to connect more efficiently with resourceful partners (public/private actors, impact investors, Foundations, infrastructure managers).

Technically, we bootstrap this in Brussels by offering a working space, organizing open topic-wise events and private retreats for the collective members, as well as listening as much to the needs/obstacles/fears/ambitions from the people in the existing ecosystem. We aim at lifting up all fictive barriers (linguistic, disciplinary, scientific, industrial, individual) that brakes down the emergence pace of useful solutions.

Extracted from: http://hackistan.be/cities/

Since we are overwhelmed and extremely excited during this prototyping phase in Belgium, it is hard for us not to think about bringing Hackistan one step further. If you want to join and launch an antenna in your city, you know where to find us.

Extracted from: http://hackistan.be/getinvolved/



Our world is changing fast, all sectors are disrupted and our companies have to adapt at a quicker pace everyday. Boosting emulation and disruptive innovation at the core of a company is not an easy process. At Hackistan, every member of our collective focuses thoughts and work on impactful and disruptive innovations.


Launching an impact venture is a long lasting journey. And as all journeys they always start by a first step, but what a strong feeling knowing that your are not the only one taking these steps and being surrounded by others who can share the best shortcuts and the paths to avoid.


Since we aim at combining impact and profitability, we build trust-based relationships with our investors.

Hackistan is designed just like an evergreen holding: we invest in our portfolio projects in subsequent rounds through special purpose vehicles (SPV). To fund those SPVs, we’re constantly growing a community of investors, including individuals, firms, and corporations. Every investor becomes a shareholder of Hackistan and a potential investor in the portfolio. With equity in Hackistan, the investor is securing a share of the value we’ll add in the long term as an evergreen fund.

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