Have you ever shared a living space with a group of people?

Whether for a vacation or as a living arrangement, living with other people can expose you to new ways of doing life. The Embassy Network connects communal and group living spaces.  From San Francisco to Costa Rica to Nepal, the network allows member locations to share successful ideas and practices.

A visit may inspire you to begin a group living space in your location.  If you do, you’ll have a network of experienced practitioners to lean on for support and guidance.

Extracted from https://embassynetwork.com/

The Embassy Network

People and spaces experimenting with culture and commoning.

The Embassy Network is designing new ways to manage resources and govern space together. Our member spaces are embassies of a future that is abundant, collaborative, and transparent.

Join a Community of Practitioners and Prototypers.

Together, we organize events, exchanges, discussions and projects. We start spaces, support new ones, and collaborate with existing ones. Between us, we use these spaces to prototype new approaches to open, collaborative and supra-market resource management, decision making, and financial systems.

Extracted from https://embassynetwork.com/locations/choza/

A Personal Advance and Jungle Sanctuary in rural Costa Rica.

The Choza is a space for self-driven projects and personally directed work. You move at your own pace, and set your own schedule. We support projects and seek collaborators that look at new ways of approaching the world and creating positive social impact. Longer term fellows and researchers are invited to be involved in planning and decision making for the property.

Extracted from https://embassynetwork.com/locations/redvic/

We support creatives to connect and be in action around impactful projects.

We ask you to fill out a profile and encourage you to check out who’s staying here, make friends, and collaborate on projects & ideas. While here, we invite you to attend events and host your own, from talks, brainstorms, classes and skillshares to art shows or shared dinners. Come curious.

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