I’m a bit of a sci-fi fan. One of my favorite books is Ender’s Game. The protagonist is a kid named Ender, who is recruited into a military training program, for kids, in space. Okay, it’s far removed from reality. But the side story is how Ender’s siblings take over the world. Seriously.

Ender’s sister and brother begin debating each other concerning world politics on “the boards.” In Ender’s time, the internet is so advanced that public debate is hosted on global bulletin boards.  People vote on the strength of contributors’ arguments alone. No one realizes Ender’s siblings are children.  The siblings get access to the most prestigious boards on the planet.

Are we headed in that direction?

Extracted from: http://divvydao.org/index.php/2016/07/08/divvydao-collaborative-dao-project-building-the-stepping-stones-to-social-adaption-in-the-cryptoeconomy/

DAO 2.0 is emerging like spontaneous combustion.

Bitcoin Macroeconomics is excited to bring light to an exciting project that is taking off like spontaneous combustion and it entails cryptocurrency and collaboration in a system determined to enhance the social aspect in the cryptoeconomy and yet protect individual personal identification, privacy, and security.

Public discourse is arrived from we the individual.

We start as the individual and coalesce and have the ability to use the technology for what it is there for, not to spy on us, or render working people jobless, but to put the social aspect in the mix, with built in value that involves systems of governance that will offer a proper medium and this will involve public discourse, equal opportunity, uncensored, decentralized, and DivvyDAO dollars.

With spontaneous combustion comes a blog, a forum for voting opinions, and already we are building a system for public debate with moderation built in and real debates that are timed, and get this – with Consider.it on the side in live time that people can vote on in a live debate or group discussion.

Extracted from: http://divvydao.org/index.php/2016/07/09/500000-divvydao-tokens-and-a-sponsor-needed-for-debate-arena-proposal/

Real public discourse is coming, not filtered and controlled. Imagine the debate action that is coming to society and cryptocurrency!

While I realize it is premature to propose, I want to motion to propose this project, knowing I must secure a sponsor to build this project, and I am also prepared to give credit to the sponsor for helping build this “arena” that is open and transparent, free for all, and built with chat to gauge opinion, live time opinion bar which can be specific to “feeling of audience” during the debate, or group discussion, quantifiable results from upvotes or downvotes, emoticons (custom to audience and free to add) or even (possible with sponsorship) a system to reward moderator (tip or pay outright via smart contract), donate to a non profit or individual for their “efforts and contribution”, for the group discussion, be it any cryptocurrency we tell the program to include, including DivvyDAO tokens.

I look forward to working with the sponsor of the “arena” which will be used for music, conversation, debate real debate and stupid debate, free speech, politics, community governance, and DAOs, 3D printing competitions, and festivals and protestivals.

Exttracted from: http://bitcoinmacroeconomics.com/2016/06/26/divvydao-collaborative-dao-project-building-stepping-stones-social-adaption-cryptoeconomy/

Virtual Reality is being thrown out there for a medium be it a board room setting or any setting.

This will not only benefit decisions for this token and projects associated with it, but also the rest of general society as the ramifications are perfect, alternatively speaking. People can debate with the same questions, unlike the theater seen on Fox News or CNN. But we will offer this forum for public debate on the DivvyDAO going forward in a collaborative fashion. And yet the same functions can be allowed for any debate, and they can be as crazy as you can imagine.

Photo by NASA Goddard Photo and Video

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