Preparing for the Gathering ’12: Enterpreneurship for social change ..

Calling it ‘anti-systemic enterpreneurialism’ is probably to strong a concept, but I do remember the aha moment at the Gathering ’11, when I heard the regular cheers of most of the audience for calls to fundamentally alter the mainstream system. Enterpreneurs who want to go beyond capitalism as we know it, yes, they do exist. The planned Gathering ’12 is specifically subtitled: Transforming Systems to Build Better Futures. Here are young people who are bent to follow their passions, construct a sustainable and better world, want to remain autonomous by creating their own (usually ‘social’) enterprises, and are creating community to do it better together, through mutual aid and support.

The Gathering ’11 was a great mix of selected speakers but with ample room for bottom-up processes of dialogue, making possible the very enriching series of ‘in-between’ encounters that make conferences successful.

More info on what’s coming via David Hood.

Here is an 3-minute interview conducted last year while I was attending it:

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