Preliminary Announcement of the Formation of a Commons Transition Coalition for Melbourne and beyond

Very important news for us in the p2p/commons community and a first in the world.

In the preliminary words – as we’ll have to come back to this with a more formal description – of Darren Sharp, one of the co-organizers of the Mindful Uprising event in Melbourne:

“”What an amazing day on Sunday at Mindful Uprising: a pop-up People’s Summit in Melbourne. Thanks Michel Bauwens for presenting your inspirational vision for a p2p commons-based society; Richard and Laurent from Centre for the Future for co-sponsoring and hosting the event with Melbourne Polytechnic; Daryl for bringing the Summit into being; Jose for co-facilitating the Open Space session with me & our Connectors Michelle, Julian, Aidan & Mike. At the end of the day we were proud to announce the formation of the Commons Transition Coalition and now invite our friends in Adelaide (Sharon), Sydney (Declan), Brisbane (Michelle), Canberra (David), NZ (Sam) and others to work with us to develop a charter and plan for 2016.”

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