Prelaunch of Axel Bruns book on Produsage

I previously discussed this book favourably, after receiving the advanced manuscript. It is now out in pre-launch. Here is the message from the author.

Axel Bruns:

“As you’re probably aware, Peter Lang Publishing will launch my new book Blogs, Wikipedia, Second Life, and Beyond: From Production to Produsage in early 2008. The book introduces the concept of produsage as a way of describing and investigating the communities, processes, and artefacts of user-led collaborative content creation across a wide range of intellectual and artistic domains. In anticipation of this release, I’ve now set up a new Website and I’d like to invite you to drop by for a visit. will be a central hub for information related to produsage – for now, it contains information about the book, a preview of chapter one, some background materials about produsage, and various related articles and presentations. I’ll be adding further material on an ongoing basis as I continue my research in this field, as well as tracking the use of this and related terms as we develop a better understanding of user-led phenomena. I’ll also explore the potential for adding further contributors to the site.

So, as a preview of the book, can I again invite you to drop by Of course you’re also more than welcome to link to the site from your own Websites, to pass this email on to interested colleagues, or to subscribe to the RSS feeds. Finally, if you’re in a position to review the book for a journal or other publication, please let me know and I’ll ask the publisher to send you a review copy once the book is back from the printers.”

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