We believe that on the part of government institutions it is time to define and advance the promotion of viable production and entrepreneurship alternatives, ones that fulfill the conditions for transparency and open resources as an engine of real progress, resilience and multiplication of opportunities. It is time for governments to act and stop the enclosure of knowledge and digital commons.

If you enjoyed our in-depth report on Procomuns (the Commons Collaborative Economy event held in Barcelona last March), you’ll surely be interested in the set of European Commission policy proposals put together by our colleagues at Barcola and Dimmons with support of the P2Pvalue project. We have transfered these recommendations to the Commons Transition Wiki, so they can be easily consulted or commented on. Alternatively, you can download the PDF’s linked below.

20160311_153505 The main objective of the Commons Collaborative Economies is to discuss the potential and the challenges of the collaborative economy, but also to define public policies that could help to promote the “Commons side” of the collaborative economy.

Following the discussions at the first international event we organized on March 2016, which gathered more than 400 participants, we have been working together experts, citizens and sector representatives on a series of proposals and more than 120 policy recommendations for governments, ending in a joint statement of public policies for the collaborative economy.

The measures (in Catalan) have been sent to the Barcelona City Council as concrete actions for the Municipal Action Plan of the City following a consultative online participatory process. The Declaration has been sent to other local authorities and the Government of Catalonia. This version of the Declaration in English has also been sent to the European Commission and various General Directorates which are currently working on the regulation of the collaborative economy. A version in Spanish has also been sent to various institutional authorities.

Following new and open sessions we will continue encouraging the debate and the development of new versions of the declaration and of useful resources.

noun_186888_ccExecutive summary of the document, with the 10 policy proposals which received more support.

Access to version 0.3 (PDF download) of “Policies for Commons Collaborative Economies at the European level”

The facilitation of the co-creation process has been in charge of BarCola (working group about collaborative economy and commons production in Barcelona) and the Dimmons research group at IN3-UOC, with support from P2Pvalue (represented locally by IGOPnet.cc). Here credits and thanks to different people who have participated in the elaboration of the document.

In case of doubts or problems you can contact us at [email protected]

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