Chemical attack by Greek police at Syntagma Square: the end of social democracy

From a Greek correspondent:

It is important to explain to European people what has really happened in Athens at 29 June. It was an organized terroristic attack of the Greek police against the Athenian population. A real chemical war. It is the tactics they will use later in Ireland, Portugal, Spain etc… Help us to defend democracy and bring police authorities to justice.

Watch this video and read the commentary here.

??????? ?? ?????? ??? ??????? ??? ???????? (???????) from Yorgos Avgeropoulos on Vimeo.


“Since yesterday, June 28, we live like cockroaches in Syntagma square. We are sprayed continuously with chemicals by the Greek police regardless of what we do or what we say, but we persist. We leave Syntagma square for a while to catch our breath and keep on coming back. We rest a bit and return to the square. Even before the chemicals began exploding yesterday morning, we were just sitting on the pavement and the riot police stormed and arrested a person seating nearby. When we protested against the arrest, the riot police responded by arresting another passerby who was just exiting a coffee shop with a coffee in his hand. To be just standing close to Syntagma square seems dangerous and certainly suspicious. The arrests are being enacted to disperse the crowds, but we keep on moving closer to the square instead of leaving.”

And here:

More Information and videos:

Syntagma square at 29 June,

Police terrorizing the Athenian population in the wider Syntagma area (attack in the touristic area of Mitropoleos and Monastiraki),

Police hosting “collaborators” (paratroops) in the Greek Parliament!,

(see at 4.53 and 5.14 four pseudoprotestors protected by the police troops)

Police terrorizing the Athenian population (and tourists) in the wider area of the center. Here, metro station of ACROPOLIS (in Acropolis Museum!!!)!,

Attack inside a grocery shop,

Policemen throughing tear gases inside the metro station at Syntagma square,

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