Podcast on Open Access with Mark Pesce

Presenting a conversation on Open Access and the freedom of the Internet and networks.
A conversation between Mark Pesce, Michel Bouwens and James Burke.

Topics include:
Yochai Benkler’s 3 layers

what issues

physical layer>>>>>who own’s the pipes
code layer >>>>>> open standards
content layer >>>> who own’s the media

Question posed to mark:
Should you continue fighting network neutrality on the political level or focus on technical innovation and loop round it?

and another Question posed to mark:
You have been focusing on censorship but what about the digital divide? if we have a two tiered internet what is going happen to people unnable to afford an internet connection?

I should let you know that for the first minute, Mark’s voice gets a little strangled by a lower quality Skype connection, but it soon improves:)

send in your comments: p2ppodcastcommentsATGmail.com
also audio comments are welcome too of up to 5 mb.

Mark Pesce at hyperpeople
Yochai Benkler’s site
thanks to Mark, Michel and myself (stupidly chose a time to contact australia and thailand with NY calling off at the last minute so it was 4 in the morning. It includes my neighbor coming in to tell me to lower the volume;)

More information:

For a directory of podcasts maintained by the P2P Foundation, see here

Open Access is explained here in the P2P Encyclopedia.

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